Capacity Development in a Post-war Context


PalmyrahIn the post-war context, an important aspect of the rebuilding process is to build capacity in different disciplines. The theme of JUICE-2012 focuses on coping and effectively responding to contemporary challenges, which will in turn contribute to the development of capacity in different walks of life. JUICE-2012 also acknowledges that universities and academics have an important role to play in responding to the present needs of the region.



UoJThe Jaffna University International Research Conference 2012 (JUICE-2012) was the first International research conference held in the annals of the University of Jaffna. JUICE-2012 was held from 20 to 21 July 2012 with the theme of “Capacity Development in a Post-war Context”. It has successfully brought together leading researchers and scientists to exchange research findings and technological advances. It is remarkable that in this maiden event more than 650 scholars across the country and the globe have participated.

In JUICE-2012, 255 abstracts were accepted for presentation and publication out of the 441 submissions. In addition to the oral presentation of the accepted abstracts, keynote speeches were invited and delivered in the following tracks nurturing the theme of JUICE-2012: Agriculture, Applied Sciences and Technology, Commerce and Management, Education, Health and Medical Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, Information Sciences and Technology, Pure Sciences, and Social Sciences.

The maiden JUICE-2012 became truly exceptional with the participation of internationally recognised keynote speakers who joined without any financial assistance from us. Following the great success of the event held in July 2012, there was an increasing demand from the authors and encouragement from the General Chair of JUICE-2012 to publish the conference proceedings of full papers. Thus full papers were invited from prospective authors who have presented their abstracts at JUICE-2012 with a submission deadline in March 2013. JUICE-2012 has accepted 46 papers for the proceedings of full papers out of the 62 submitted papers.

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