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How to get to the venue from Palali Airport

Palali airport is the only airport in Jaffna. It is about 25-minute car ride to the University of Jaffna. Taxi fares from Palaly Airport to Jaffna University are quite expensive. At the moment, there is no direct taxi service from the airport to Jaffna town. We recommend taking the Bus from the airport and getting down at the bus stop near the university or transferring to a taxi at the central bus stop in Jaffna. From Jaffna Town, it costs you not more than Rs. 500 for regular taxi and Rs. 250 for three-wheeler.

Airport to venue

How to get to the venue from Jaffna Central Bus Stand

Please refer to the following route map to reach the University of Jaffna. You may either hire a taxi or a three wheeler or you may use the public transport bus services which operates on Palali road.

Bus Stand to Venue

Some important places to visit in Jaffna

  • Jaffna Public Library

  • Jaffna Fort

  • Clock Tower

  • Duraiyappa Stadium

  • Nallur Kandaswamy Temple

  • King Sankiliyan's Arch and Manthirimanai

  • Nagaviharai

  • O.L.R. Church

  • St. Mary's Church

Some other important places to visit outside Jaffna

  • Naha Purana Viharai and Naga Pooshani Temple (Nainatheevu/Nagadeepa)

  • Casurina Beach & Ezhathu Sithamparam Temple (Karainagar)

  • Archaeological Museum (Kantharodai)

  • Nilavarai Water Well

  • Selva Sannithi Temple (Thondaimanaaru)

  • Durkai Amman Temple (Tellipalai)

  • Naguleswaram Temple (Keerimalai)

  • Maaviddapuram Temple (Maaviddapuram, K.K.S.)

  • Vallipuram Aalvaar Temple (Vallipuram, Point Pedro)

  • Sundara Aancheneyar Temple (Inuvil)


Jaffna Entrance
Statues Jaffna
Jaffna Public Library
Nallur Murugan
Nagadeepa Vihara
Cathedral Jaffna
Casuarina Beach
Kantharodai Museum