Welcome to JUICE-2014!


University of Jaffna was started in 1974 and emerged as a University with second large number of faculties among the Sri Lankan Universities. It has nine faculties namely Agriculture, Applied Sciences, Arts, Business Studies, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Management Studies and Commerce, Medicine and Science. In addition, the University of Jaffna has Siddha Medicine, Ramanathan Academy of Fine Arts, Sports Science and Extra Mural Studies as units of which the first two are upgrading as Institutes. Being the knowledge hub of the Northern Province, more than 5500 undergraduate and post graduate students of all communities are studying in diversified fields in this University. It is now admitting foreign students in identified undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

To promote the research culture among the academics and students, an annual research symposium was held in 2010 and followed by the first Jaffna University International Research Conference (JUICE-2012) was held in the year 2012. Subsequently this Second International Conference is hosted by the University capturing the theme of ‘Accelerated Regional Development’ through a platform to promote the contribution of academia towards the development of the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka.

Being a part of the International Conference, an e-mail assisted conference was first time held during July-August 2014 focusing on ‘Accelerated development of Northern and Eastern Provinces’ to provide opportunity to academia and scientists, whom who could not participate the conference in person, to share their views, suggestions, and experiences towards the development of the Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka. This e-conference recorded 151 messages received from many countries focusing the development of Northern Province and those valuable contributions in the form of messages are uploaded in the website of JUICE-2014.

This conference creates a new path to showcase the potential of the academia in research and dissemination using the recent technological advancement. Further, strengthening the collaboration with local and foreign Universities together with the essential infrastructural and academic development, University of Jaffna is accelerating in its mission to achieve academic excellence under the present dynamic leadership.

JUICE-2014 will be conducted under the following tracks:


A.  Agriculture

B. Applied Science and Technology

C. Commerce and Management

D. Education

E. Entrepreneurship

F. Fisheries Science

G. Food and Nutrition

H. Health and Medical Sciences

I. Humanities and Fine Arts

J. Information Sciences and  Technology

K. Pure Sciences

L. Regional Science

M. Social Sciences