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The purpose of this document is to provide a set of guiding principles expected to follow by the participants. The e-conference is first time organized at the University of Jaffna. The JUICE 2014 is focusing on the ‘Accelerated Regional Development’ contributing productively by the academic across the world on the development of the region, The region can be Asia, Southeast Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Sri Lanka and even narrow down to Northern and Eastern Provinces. This conference is scheduled in December 18-19, 2014.

The theme of the conference has wider interest among the academia on the development of the region. Those who find difficult to participate the conference in person here is an opportunity through the electronic based platform to share their experiences, critical comments and productive advices.


Prior to the JUICE2014 conference we wish to have an e-mail assisted conference. The theme of the e-conference is narrowed down to “Accelerated Development in Northern and Eastern Provinces of Sri Lanka’. Now Northern Provincial Council is active and the development of these provinces is in the hands of Provincial councils and the Central Government. Suggestions, this is purely an academic exercise and we expect positive and productive comments from the participants on the theme who find difficult to participate the JUICE 2014 Conference. Constructive criticisms are welcome towards the development of the provinces and the participants are requested to avoid personal criticisms and negative approaches that anyway will not help for a fruitful discussion.


The guidelines are to assist the academia living in Sri Lanka and abroad who has interest on the development of the country and especially on the development of Northern and Eastern Provinces. The ideas, insights, dialogues and debates from the e-conference are purely from the participants and JUICE 2014 will not hold any responsibilities on the comments and ideas shared by the participants, however the participant’s name and contact details will be appearing in each message documented with the number. At the end of the e-conference the messages will be documented with a summary and make available to the JUICE 2014 conference to be held in December 18-19, 2014 and to the concerned authorities.


Disclaimer: JUICE 2014 will not hold any responsibilities on the comments and ideas shared by the participants


A moderator will edit the messages, if necessary, for those which are not following the guideline otherwise will be forwarded to the platform for others to view and comment on it.

The subject matter for discussion:

1. Agriculture

2. Livestock

3. Fisheries

4. Energy

5. Applied science and Technology

6. Commerce and Management

7. Education

8. Entrepreneurship and Industrial development

9. Food and Nutrition

10. Health

11. Humanities and Fine arts

12. ICT

13. Social Sciences

14. Pure Sciences

15. Regional Sciences


We hope that the conference will be interesting, constructive and beneficial and we encourage you to participate actively. On joining the conference, subscribers receive a Welcome Text which also contains the Guidelines for Sending Messages. Here, we would like to briefly remind you of some of the main points about running of the conference:

1.    Participants should introduce themselves briefly (2-3 sentences) when sending their first message to the conference. They should also provide their full work address at the end of the message. When a message is posted, we will replace @ in the e-mail address with (at) to avoid spamming.

2.    Messages should not exceed 500 words

3.    People posting messages are assumed to be speaking on their own behalf and not on behalf of their employers (unless they indicate otherwise)

4.    Messages posted in the conference will also be made available on the web at

5.    No messages will be posted with attachments. If you receive a message during the conference with an e-mail attachment, just delete it without opening the attachment.

6.    The Background Document to the conference sent by e-mail to subscribers of this conference provides specific guidance about the questions that participants should address in the conference. Contact me (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) if you want to receive the document by e- mail.


After the e-conference, a summary document will be published, providing an easily readable synthesis of the main discussion points and conclusions.


Finally, we encourage you to tell any potentially interested colleagues and students about this conference.

Participation is free however you have to register by sending your details to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


With our sincere best wishes for a successful conference,




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